About Us

Work Ninjas was established in 2016 with headquarters in Houston and additional offices in New Orleans and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Our mission is to offer results-driven, near-shore outsourcing services to companies of all sizes and in all industries that need reliable teams to streamline their daily processes.


Lowest Prices &
Fair Wages


Growth and
Scalability Mindset

We deliver dynamic front and back-office solutions with high-performing employees that work as an extension of your team while scaling your business to new heights.

We believe that people who feel cared for work better. We prioritize them, so they prioritize you. We do this by paying about 30% above the average wages and creating a company culture that promotes a true sense of belonging and collaboration.

All of our Ninjas have the opportunity to choose from different paths to grow within our organization. We invest in their career development to keep them motivated, focused, and ready to give their best at all times. They know that the growth of our customers means their growth as well.

We’re proud of our ties to our community. Giving back, boosting the economy, and creating equal opportunities for everyone enables us to envision a brighter future.




Daniel Kattan

General Manager

Alejandro Calderon

Inbound Manager

Rodrigo Cervantes

Sr. Account Manager

Carlos Valdiviezo

General Manager

Nicolas Fries

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